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Terms & Conditions


After we receive your payment, we’ll manually review the order and activate your subscription within 2 hours of payment. In case of any delay, contact us immediately.


NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGE is possible, once your order is confirmed and the code is generated.

You, however, have a 2 hours period after you place your order to cancel your subscription. Contact support for more assistance.

Once the code is generated, we’ll NOT offer return or refund for your order.

We do not accept refund for any issues relating to device breakdown, bad internet connection or any breakage. We’re willing to compensate for any disruption, by offering a 1 month credit to your account.

Since, we do not manage the sources of our servers, hence we cannot promise on the uptime of our server. You can get in touch with the support team, if you face any issues.


To improve the server quality, we have various anti-fraud on our server, that’ll automatic block subscriptions, if the client


  • Enters code on more than one device. The code generated is only active for a SINGLE device. You need to purchase another subscription for another device
  • Uses firewall proxy or VPN
  • Tries malicious activities in securing multiple codes for different devices
  • Makes an attempt in disrupting our service
  • Resells our service to another indiviuals



WittyCentral collects and stores personal information including the full name, billing address, email address, IP address for all customers upon usage of our service.

We does not disclose any Personal Data to any third party companies for purposes of partnerships or advertising.

We may disclose Personal Data to comply with relevant laws and legal governing bodies of any country in which we do business, or where a customer may reside in order to remain complaint with United States and International Laws, whereby mandated by state and or federal agencies for the purposes of criminal investigations or by court order.

We for the purposes of billing does disclose personal information such as name, billing address, IP address, and credit card information to third party merchants for processing payments.

We stores your personally identifiable information and payment information in forms viewable by administration only. Your transfer of data to us occurs over a SSL connection so that all information is securely encrypted during the transfer.

When your WittyCentral account is cancelled (either voluntarily or involuntarily) all of your personally identifiable information is placed in “deactivated” status on our databases. However, deactivation of your account does not mean your personally identifiable information has been deleted from our database entirely. We will retain and use your personally identifiable information as necessary in order to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, or enforce our agreements.